You may be one of the early adopters who’s been onboard for the short but wild ride for a few years, soundtracked by the radio-seducing singles ‘I’m a Fantastic Wreck’, ‘Clip My Wings’ and ‘In the Dark’.

Or maybe you were instantly converted by Montaigne’s attention-seizing guest spot on Hilltop Hoods double platinum No. 2 hit ‘1955’. Or saw her in the video for the song or singing it with Adelaide’s finest on their sold-out arena tour this year.

And if you saw Boy & Bear’s national jaunt over summer she was the young woman charming the more punctual members of the audience with her unmistakable voice. Other supports include Megan Washington, San Cisco and Japanese Wallpaper along with her sold-out single club tour as well as gracing the stage at festivals such as Groovin’ the Moo, Woodford, St Kilda.

However you got here, the journey’s about to get serious with the release of Montaigne’s debut album Glorious Heights in August this year.

Montaigne (born Jessica Cerro 20 years ago) is rolling out the welcome mat with the delightful new single ‘Because I Love You’.

It’s a Trojan Horse – a wildly infectious pop tune hiding the post-mortem of a relationship.

Sick of beige pop music and musicians with nothing to say? Welcome to Montaigne.

Montaigne’s debut album Glorious Heights is out August 5, pre order your copy today. The single Because I Love You is out now.